Camp Manzanita

Q. What do the owners like best about Camp Manzanita?

A. The following:

  1. The whole cozy, intimate nature of Camp Manzanita. It's a great place for families to spend time together.

  2. We LOVE the bunkhouse!

  3. The iPod-driven whole home-audio system: We can go to the coast, dock an iPod and have music everywhere (house, decks, bathroom, bunkhouse.)

  4. We love that we can easily walk to the beach and walk to town.

  5. We love the rear deck. This is the best place to put on your favorite music playlist, hang-out, cook on the grill and have cocktails.

  6. The wood stove.

  7. We love the outdoor shower with 'endless hot water'.

Q. Why Manzanita vs. other towns on the Oregon Coast?

A. Manzanita is considered one of the 'undiscovered jewels' of the Oregon Coast. Although Manzanita is only 15 miles south of Cannon Beach, the two towns are worlds apart. Manzanita features a magnificent beach along with a 'laid-back' small-town atmosphere. Because of the unique geography of the Manzanita area (Mt. Neahkanie to the north), Nehalem Bay to the south, Manzanita frequently gets sun, when Cannon Beach and Gearhardt are 'socked-in.' Manzanita features excellent recreational opportunities including: hiking, biking, kayacking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, tennis, volleyball, golf, surfing, beach walking and crabbing.

Q. Tell me more about the house location.

A. The location is great, it's about a 100 yard walk to the beach. This short walking distance to the beach is very convenient, at the same time, Camp Manzanita is far enough away from the ocean that you don't get blasted by wind and sand when you're hanging out on the deck. It's also a short walk to downtown Manzanita. Downtown Cannon Beach is a 15 minute drive north.

Q. What do I need to do to reserve the cabin?

A. Contact Peg via email or phone [541-490-2166], sign the rental agreement and make a 50% deposit.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Check, Visa/Mastercard, PayPal.

Q. Is wood for the wood stove provided?

A. There is typically a supply of wood stacked outside the house - you're welcome to use this wood. If for any reason the wood supply has been depleted at the house, you can purchase wood at the Manzanita Grocery store.

Q. Have the owners made any recent improvements to the property?

A. Yes, there are new owners as of 10/1/06. The new owners have made significant investments in Camp Manzanita to make it a really fun and unique vacation rental in Manzanita. Guests in the summer of 2007 will get to enjoy the following additions:

  1. Brand new bunkhouse with 2 built-in triple bunks, craftsman wood-panelling and bathroom

  2. New front and rear decks (700 squarefeet of deck space)

  3. New outdoor shower with endless hot-water feature

  4. New stainless steel gas grill

  5. Completely remodeled bathroom with a large shower, vessel sink, marble countertop and slate floor

  6. New high-quality, pillow-top mattress & boxspring in the master bedroom

  7. New whole home audio system (with an iPod dock)

  8. 6 new matresses for the bunkhouse bunkbeds

  9. New flanel sheets, blankets and down comforters for all 6 bunks in the bunkhouse

  10. New table and camp chairs (10) for the rear deck

  11. New windows, window trim and window shades in the main cottage

  12. New butcher-block kitchen table with 10 new charis (with the leaf installed the table can seat 10)

  13. Painted the main cottage and installed new cedar trim around the windows and doors

  14. New landscaping in the front and back yards

  15. Handsome new slate hearth around the wood stove

  16. New TV, DVD player, CD player

  17. The walls of the cottage have been adorned with the best photography from the Oregon Coast

  18. Added a 'beach-toy' bag with a set of horseshoes, a set of 'paddleball raquets + ball', a good frisbee and a kite (The horseshoes are rubber, so they are 'kid-friendly')

  19. 4/08: Installed new carpet in 2 bedrooms.

  20. 4/08: Installed new stainless steel dishwasher

  21. 5/08: New coffee maker & toaster

  22. 5/08: Added 2 new board games: Monopoly & Settlers of Catan

  23. 5/08: Added a spare propane tank for the grill. If the primary tank runs out, a full-tank is ‘on-hand’

  24. 1/09: Added new dishes, bowls, serving dishes & pasta bowl.

Q. Why time is 'check-in' and 'check-out'?

A. You can 'check-in' after 4 PM, you must 'check-out' by 11 AM. (If there was not someone at Camp Manzanita the night before your visit we may be able to arrange an earlier check-in time -- but this would be an exception, not the rule.)

Q. Are the bunk-beds big enough for adults?

A. Yes - these are big, beefy, built-in adult-sized bunk-beds. The triple-bunk on the west side of the bunkhouse has an 'extra-long' opening for the mattress so the taller bunkhouse guests should sleep in the west bunk beds. The 'bunk-to-bunk' height is a generous 28 inches. The length of the opening for the mattress on the east bunk beds is 77.25 inches. The length of the opening for the mattress on the east bunk beds is 80 inches (6 feet, 6 inches.)

Q. How big is Camp Manzanita?

A. The main cottage has 2 bedrooms (queen beds), 1 full bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The bunkhouse has 1 room with 2 built-in triple bunks, a 1/2 bath and an outdoor shower. The main cottage is 700 sqft. The bunkhouse is 250 sqft. The deck is 700 sqft.

Q. Does Camp Manzanita sleep 10 comfortably?

A. Camp Manzanita does have 2 queen beds and 6 twin beds spread across 2 bedrooms and the bunkhouse, so 10 people can sleep comfortably (albeit, intimately). During the day, people can 'spread-out' between the cottage, bunkhouse, front deck, rear deck and of course the beach. The 10 person capacity of Camp Manzanita is best suited to:

  1. One large family

  2. Two families vacationing together

  3. One family + guests

  4. An extended family

Although 10 adults can stay at Camp Manzanita, be advised that 10 adults inside Camp Manzanita on a rainy day can be crowded (depending on the personalities of the adults.)

Q. What's Camp Manzanita like in the 'off-season'?

A. We love Camp Manzanita in the 'off-season.' September and October can be beautiful. May and June can also be fantastic. There is plenty of good beach days in Sept/Oct/May/June. Even the winter can be incredible - there is definitely more rain and general 'weather' in the winter, but a winter storm on the Oregon Coast is awesome. Warming-up by the wood stove after a walk on the beach is great. You'd also be surprised by the number 'blue-bird' days you can get on the coast in winter - it can be miserable in Portland, but clear on the coast. There's also nothing like having the Manzanita beach to yourself.

Q. Which contractor built the bunkhouse and deck for Camp Manzanita?

A. Precision Homes and Hardscape did the work for us. Don and has team did an awesome job. You can reach Precision Home & Hardscape via email at

Frequently Asked Questions